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Semiconductors’ crisis: The great supply chain disruption

When the new lifestyle triggered by the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions boosted the demand for consumer goods, it burst a crisis for microchips and other semiconductors, that now requires seamless logistics plans to keep factories working – and products available in many industries.

Specialized industries’ supply chains are facing one of the greatest global crises of the Technology Era: the war for semiconductors, conducted specially by the automotive and high-tech consumer industries.

The conflict’s great catalyst was the Covid-19 pandemic, which shut down auto plants while skyrocketed the global consumption of household electronics. But the problem’s origin is prior to the global lock-down.

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IMO 2020: Webinar Europartners-Maersk

La regulación IMO 2020 es la nueva normativa aprobada por la Organización Marítima Internacional que obliga a las navieras a utilizar fuel oil con un contenido máximo de azufre del 0.5% masa/masa frente al actual 3.5%, para reducir las emisiones de este contaminante.

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