Tailor-made solutions

The best solutions from special to oversized cargos.


Personal use vehicles. Agriculture machinery. Buses. Cargo trucks.
Everything can roll on and off, when the right equipment is adopted.

High and Heavy
Break Bulk

Out of Gauge (OOG)
vessels at your
disposal, apt to
transport up to
200,000t of
dead weight.


If your operations
demand more than
one transportation
modality, this is the
seamless solution.
Fast, efficient and

Ground Freight

Your cargo over
the most important roads
on the continent.
Domestic services
and over the

Special services

We go beyond! Our global experience and professional dedication make us distinct..

Certified packaging

Customs agenting

Cargo insurance

Certified fastening for
international transportation


Dedicated. All the way.

We face all challenges, simplify solutions,
work with precision.

Just in time

From the production line to one’s destination. We make absolutely sure each component gets where its meant to be as urgently and trustworthy as the sector demands..

Accuracy and experience

From specific components to giant turbines. We have a global specialists team dedicated to meet all this sector requirements with quality and skill.


With our diversity of modalities and special unities, your products will be in the safest hands, delivered fresh, on time and in optimal conditions.

Protected and safe

Teams dedicated to cargo safe keeping, security and accuracy on the transportation. Global capacities to satisfy the industries’ most demanding logistic requirements.


We work to ensure the most essential parts to make all mining hardware work faultlessly get where needed smoothly and in excellent conditions.

Tailor-made solutions

Specialized in designing flexible solutions to each specific construction project features. We deliver on time, guaranteeing the integrity of components and machinery.

Dynamism and security

Logistics solutions specially designed for companies dedicated to extract, handle, transform, sell and distribute this sector’s products.

Rail & Road

Roll Trailers enable a stable transportation in each point of the route. Your cargo will travel safe, and count on special care during loading and unloading processes.


Why you should choose
EP Project Cargo?

Experience defines us:

  • We can design tailor-made innovative solutions to reinforce each project’s safety.
  • We give special attention to detail, relying on an efficient supply chain that enables us to mitigate risks and respect each embarkment initial budget.
  • We count on a broad World-Wide Trade Network with local experience and global commercial presence that qualifies us to offer a special customized service anywhere in the world.


Talk to an expert

Tell us your projects. We are ready to make them come true.


We like to work with Europartners Group for the personalized attention they give us. They advise us in each and every shipment, with an excellent response time. They really know our needs as clients.”


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Project Cargo



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What type of service does Europartners Group Project Cargo Team provides? What are the benefits provided?

We provide two kinds of services:

  1. Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) Cargo Transportation
  2. Over Dimensional Static Cargo Transportation

We move machinery and its components, Over Dimensional Static Cargo and vehicles, from personal cars to buses, construction vehicles, ploughing machinery, train wagons, etc.
Europartners Group benefits are, for one side, offering exclusive projects designed for your specific needs, by a dedicated team of experienced market experts, hand in hand with our most trustworthy suppliers, something that guarantees that costs and transport times are going to be optimized.
On the project side, you can rest assured that even if your cargo has overwhelming dimensions, it will be transported under the best possible conditions, protected against the sea water or any kind of adverse weather conditions by an attentive ocean crew or careful drivers, always alert to the conditions of the product they’re transporting.

How does Europartners Group calculate the total fee charged
for special project cargos?

We build our budget proposals regarding the transportation of your special cargo starting with an exclusive assessment, in which we get to know your specific needs and the main details of the cargo (weight, dimensions, embarkment day, origin and destination points).

Will my special cargo be really safe in your hands?

It will be completely safe. Our project cargos are handled as specialized services. Besides being 100% insured, we do not mix special cargo with dangerous/hazardous material, liquids, unpacked good, bulk merchandise or any other type of product that can harm your articles anyhow.

How often does Europartners Group handles project cargos? Where is the service available?

We can ship project cargos every week, couple of weeks or monthly. Frequency varies according to the origin and the destination. Europartners Group has the capacity to escalate movements through the five continents.

How long does it take for a project cargo
to get to its destination?

When you work with Europartners Group, we give you the complete itinerary and program for your shipment. These are the documents we use to work hand in hand with our commercial partners and suppliers, fully committed to accomplish the transit times determined there. High and Heavy Bulks are encased to handle and operate heavy weights in a matter that does not slower their journeys. That means loading and unloading never takes more than 24 hours.

Can I, a Project Cargo client, count on
24/7 Europartners Group dedicated teams?

Yes*. When you confirm a project, you’ll get from us a list with all the logistics executives and developers responsible for your special cargo. Also, you can always contact us through the email

*Service not available in countries where labor laws make it impossible.

* Servicio no disponible solamente en los países donde la legislación laboral no lo permite.

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